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Read my true story of how I cured my crippling muscle pain by the power of the mind, and in a very short time. This is also the story of the brilliant psychological insight of a New York medical doctor, who spent his life studying the cause of these muscle pains and established the theory of TMS.

Over many years, working with a handful of dedicated psychologists and psychiartists, he developed a unique method of treatment for these pains based on the power of the mind

A Traumatic Relocation

At the time my wife and I were living and working in Kansas City. Around October of 1998, a close relative living in Boston wanted me to join his software business to manage the finances.

Our daughter was attending college in small town Waltham, near Boston, that was an added attraction. I accepted the offer, quit my job, and moved to Boston with my wife. We rented an apartment in Waltham and started our new life.

Boston was much colder that Kansas City and by November it grew colder, with increasing snowfall. Due to the problems of road commute, I had stopped driving to work and started using the train system to travel from Waltham to Boston. Very often it snowed all night, that cleared up by daybreak.

The melting snow formed streams of water and puddles that I had to wade through while walking from home to Waltham station, and from the Boston subway station to the office.

The Pain and the Flight

On a wet morning in November as I was treading to the station, my left ankle twisted and I slipped into a puddle nearly losing my balance. As I regained my stand I was suddenly struck with a severe pain in my left foot shooting up the calf muscle.

The pain was somewhat bearable, but when it persisted for a week and kept getting worse, I went to a local doctor in Waltham. He thought it was sciatica pain, and prescribed a course of Naproxen, a common anti inflammatory drug.

That did not help much, and the pain was so crippling that I was limping all around my home and in the office. Life was not fun any more…

By January of 1999 I was ready to quit Boston and my job. My heart wanted to return to Kansas City, but I needed a job. I was a good employee at my old company and I considered approaching them to rehire me.

I called one of my old managers and told her my story. She was extremely sympathetic and promised to help. In a couple of days I got word that I was being rehired, with full relocation package! I couldn’t stop crying…!!

A few days later we were on a flight to Kansas City!

Beyond Medical Diagnosis

Back at my old office I was still in severe pain, limping from desk to desk – my colleagues were very sad to see my plight. The next day I went to our old Doctor of six years.

He ordered X-Rays, CT scan, and MRI, and finding no physical abnormalities, reaffirmed the diagnosis of sciatica pain by the Waltham doctor; and asked me to continue with Naproxen…

One month later, with no relief in sight, the doctor sent me to physiotherapy. After two weeks of therapy without much benefit, the therapist was considering putting me on traction. I was shocked! I didn’t want traction!!

Right from my teenage days I had a keen interest in psychology. I was also a believer in the power of the mind and the concept of mind body connection. I loved reading books on these subjects and whenever the opportunity arose, I tried to apply the knowledge to my own situation.

There had to be a non-medical solution to my pain if it was beyond medical diagnosis!

So I started searching for information on healing muscle pain without medicine or surgery….

The Power of the Mind

One day my wife told me about a book signing event in the neighborhood Barnes and Noble, where someone was introducing his book on healing pain naturally. On that Friday while returning from work, I went to the book store. Unfortunately, or fortunately in hind sight, all the books were sold out.

The young girl at the customer service took me to a bookshelf that stocked books on aches and pains, and pointed to one book in particular, that she said was very popular. The name on the book read “Healing Back Pain – The Mind-Body-Connection” written by Dr. John E. Sarno, M.D.

I skeptically browsed through the book to spot any mention of medication or surgery – there were none! Instead, the book was immensely based on the power of the mind!! I bought the book…

The Miracle...or so I thought!

Back home that evening I settled in my favorite corner and started reading the book. In about two hours I had finished reading more than half of the book, when I felt something strange happening...!

My pain, which was my constant companion for over three months, was subsiding! In fact the pain had almost disappeared!! I was too excited to continue with reading. I wanted to celebrate, so I poured a drink and sat down to talk to my wife about the book till late that night…

That Friday night I slept well, without being woken up by the pain even once. The next morning I finished the book. My pain had disappeared 100%!!

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