Do you have a Perfect Body?

The answer is, “YES”. Everyone has a Perfect Body! If you are surprised to hear this, don’t be. Remember, you are here to find peace and happiness, in the context of mind, body and soul education. This is NOT a body building website.

As I said in the beginning, your body is important to facilitate realization of true happiness, but a focus on the body alone will not do it!

Putting Body in Context

If you have completed the section on mind, you already know a good deal about how the mind works, some ways to control it, and the essence of present moment awareness, that leads to consciousness. It is time to move on to the knowledge, and realization, of the self. But on the way, you need to understand your body, what it is, and what it is not, and how to take care of it.

First of all, your body is not you! Just like you are not your mind, you are not your body. But you exist in your body, and in every cell in your body. And the same YOU are also part of the energy that permeates the entire universe. Is this thought mind blowing? If you already got a glimpse of consciousness, it should not be.

As you will see later under the section on Soul, your ultimate liberation from all pains and grief and anxieties in your life will come from the realization that YOU are part of the WHOLE universe. I use the popular word “God” to describe that universal energy, that created the WHOLE universe, including you and me and every other entity.

What Is "God"

The word “God” is just a label that “points” you, or “directs” you, to that universal energy, just like a street name directs you to a specific street in a city. So let us be comfortable with the name “God” (a better and more powerful word is “Being”, as we will see later) for the purpose of this discussion on a perfect body.

If God is the universal energy, that created the entire universe, including the earth, the sun and the moon, the entire solar systems, and the billions of stars, and galaxies, all working with precision and in perfection, then everything God created is also perfect. So you must be perfect too. In fact, everyone on this planet is perfect.

You are Unique and You are Perfect

Moreover, everyone is also unique – no two human beings are identical. And therefore it goes without saying that you can not be compared with anyone else on this earth. You need to believe that you are unique and you are perfect! And so you have a perfect body too!!

Your body may be tall, short, lean, or fat. You may have nice hair on your head, or you may be bald. Some may say you are ugly, but many, including your mother, and your spouse too, will call you absolutely beautiful. So forget public perception and judgment. Believe that you ARE perfect and you do have a perfect body! 

A small shift in thinking is all you need

That said, your body may not be very fit, in the sense that you are not able to function effectively on a day to day basis. May be you run out of breath after some strenuous work, or may be you have caught some cancer... But don’t be fooled – You are still perfect, unique, and most beautiful!

Yes, it will be nice to get in shape quickly so that you can enjoy whatever you are doing, a lot more, and continue deeper and deeper into your state of bliss. And not because of any fear, or anxiety that you may get sick or hospitalized, or die prematurely, nor from any embarrassment due to the opinion or judgment of others.

So…I will go over a few simple things I did to get my body in good shape, cure some of my ailments without any medical intervention.

My Success Over Medicine

I will tell you the story of how my enlarged prostate shrunk to normal size in four years and the urologist kept reducing my medication until it was stopped two years back. Now I don't take any medication for prostate, and last year my physician declared during my annual physical, "You have the prostate of a four year old baby"!

I will tell you how I overcame my 30 year old chronic high blood problem over the last five years, so my doctor had to keep reducing my medication from the original 60 mg dose to a current dose of 5 mg! He has further given me the choice to totally stop it once I lose some more weight and bring my pressure to the normal 120/80.

My Final Tryst...

Next, you will read about a highly practical and easy high order belief system I use to prevent the onset of ill health and disease. The belief system is based on the identification of my self with the universe and its energy, the true being.

I had been practicing this philosophical approach for some years now, and with fair amount of success. But recently, I discovered powerful new knowledge that perfectly blended in with my philosophy, without any conflict.

Yes, the list of my master minds is expanding…But this is probably final! It has been a life changing experience!

I will describe that knowledge, my personal experience with it, and its simplicity, in a separate section. When you read it, you will get it in a snap! It is amazingly easy!

I hear you say, “But I thought you were going to show me the way to a Perfect Body?”. Yes, in a minute... But I always try NOT to treat body in isolation; and I think I have made my point by now!   

So...let us go over the few simple changes in lifestyle that will further enhance your perfect body.

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