Mind Control
Stop Thinking Now

The first step in learning mind control is to STOP your thoughts.

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Your mind is ALWAYS thinking. You are thinking while you are cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, walking, even while relaxing in your couch and looking out the window. Those hurting words of your spouse, the heated argument with your boss, the money you lost in the stock market. You are hearing the same words and visualizing the same scenes over and over again, making you feel continuously miserable.


You have probably read, or heard philosophers and spiritual “gurus” talk about Present Moment Awareness or Consciousness. The idea sounded very complex and superhuman, to the point that you felt discouraged to pursue the learning. Well, I will help you to understand what they mean, and show you a simple technique to experience that state, right now!

Do this exercise

What are you doing right now? OK, you are looking at the computer screen and reading this paragraph. But most likely you also have some background thoughts popping up in between. If that is true, just stop thinking for a little bit; and focus on the monitor in front...

While your eyes are on the monitor, you are also “seeing” the objects around the computer, such as the desk, the wall, the lamp, and the books, may be. Let your eyes rove over those objects; and as you observe each item, say loudly, “monitor"... "desk"... "wall"... "lamp"... "book"..., and so on.

Don’t try to “think” about their quality, color, texture, or other details. Let the eyes just capture the images. Now lay your hands on the desk, and gently move your fingers over the surface. Feel its texture, notice the grains...

Ready? Stop reading, do the exercise for a minute, then come back here to continue...

What happened in that one minute? You had stopped thinking. You were in a state of awareness, conscious of your surroundings. You saw the desk, the wall, the lamp, and the books. You touched the desk and felt the grains on the wood.

You got disconnected from your mind. You became aware! You experienced consciousness! You just practiced mind control, though briefly!

Watch your mind...Make it a habit

Whenever you “catch” yourself thinking, you will know that it is your mind that is generating those thoughts. What is more, you will notice that most of those thoughts are the same thoughts playing in your mind for a hundredth time, the same pictures and sounds, like a mental video.

The moment you “notice” what the mind is doing, you become present. You are now “watching” your mind in action, which is the essence of mind control.

If you are walking outside when you catch your mind thinking, immediately start focusing on the leaves on the trees…look at their green color, the movement in the wind. Observe the people on the street, look at the passing cars…just keep looking, and absorbing the sights.

If you are in the shower, feel the water flowing down your body, hear its sound. You will feel a sense of awareness of your surroundings...a type of distance from your mind. Try as much as you can to continue in this state throughout the day.

Keep it up...Don’t lose heart

Don’t be surprised if those thoughts come back, like a swarm of bees. And don’t despair. That is how the mind works. Calmly continue to be the watcher, as long as you can. Soon the thoughts will subside again.

Winning this game between you and your mind is the key to mind control, the beginning of happiness.

You will begin to notice that the periods when you feel conscious, will get longer and longer, and the periods when you are lost in thoughts will become shorter and shorter. You will start to appreciate the many moments that you had missed all these days.

Once you get this feeling of joy, even if for just a few seconds, you will want to continue to be in that state. This IS Present Moment Awareness.

You have learned how to control your mind! This important quick response tool is the primary mind control method, that you will require throughout your journey of life.

And now you are ready to go a little deeper into the workings of your mind, followed by some more mind control techniques. Click here to learn how the mind works.

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