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The role of subconscious mind power in creating aches and pains in the human body is unbelievable – until you have understood how the Autonomic Nervous System works. Dr. Sarno had worked closely with a team of psychologists throughout his early practice days, so he could combine his expertise in “body’ with their knowledge of “mind” to reinforce his theory of TMS. I will try to explain the mechanism here in simple terms.

The Autonomic Nervous System

Your doctor will know (mine knew when I told him!) that the Autonomic Nervous System is a sub-system of the brain which controls all of the involuntary functions of the human body, and is influenced by your subconscious mind.

It controls most routine processes in your body, as well as emergency physiological responses, without your being aware of it. For example, it controls how fast your heart beats, the rate at which you breathe, secretion of acid into your stomach at the right time and in the right amount needed to digest food.

Fight or Flight Response

You might have experienced your body’s response to an emergency situation, like a sudden danger on the road, or when your child comes to you running with a cut in her hand bleeding profusely. To meet the emergency, every organ function in your body gets altered instantly.

Your excretory systems may shut down removing any urge to urinate; your hunger disappears for hours… Your heart starts beating faster pumping more blood into your muscles to help you run faster, or lift your baby and charge to the car to get to the hospital.

That blood supply is the key to TMS! The Autonomic Nervous System can also decrease blood flow under control of the subconscious mind. In the case of TMS it is the reduction in blood supply that causes the pain. Here is how subconscious mind power works…

The Mechanism of Pain Creation

When an unpleasant thought, primarily anger, comes to your conscious mind, you want to forget it. That sends a signal to your subconscious mind to suppress the bad feeling.

The subconscious repression of the feeling triggers the Autonomic Nervous System’s action to reduce the flow of blood to the muscles. It does this by creating “Vasospasm”, which means contraction of blood vessels.

When blood supply to the muscles is restricted, Oxygen supply to those muscles is reduced. Lack of Oxygen is a well known cause of muscle pain. So now you are hit with that crippling sciatica pain or back pain!

This of course is not the normal useful function of the autonomic nervous system. It is actually an abnormal function, or so it may appear. But it is responding to a psychological need as it makes you forget your emotional feelings and directs your attention on the pain.

So how do you cure your pain?

The very KNOWLEDGE of this psycho-physiological pain creation mechanism IS the cure!

Once you have understood that the actual cause of the pain is your subconscious mind’s action to repress your unpleasant feelings by diverting your attention to the pain, you have unearthed the role of mind body connection.

It is as though the covert action of the subconscious mind, although in your interest, has been exposed. Now the creation of the pain is useless, and the pain subsides.

In Dr. Sarno’s words, “As long as the person remains unaware that the pain is serving as a distraction, it will continue to do so, undisturbed. But the moment the realization sinks in (and it must sink in, for mere intellectual appreciation of the process is not enough), then the deception doesn’t work any more; pain stops, for there is no further need for the pain. And it’s the information that gets the job done”.

It is not all about back pain!

Although the title of the book is "Healing Back Pain", Dr. Sarno has established that subconscious mind power is the root cause of several other disorders, which he calls TMS equivalents. Once you have found out the real cause of the muscle pain, your subconscious mind power shifts the discomfort to other organs!

For example, Fibromyalgia, which is a disorder involving body pain, tenderness in the muscles, joints and other soft tissues, is one of the leading manifestations of TMS!

Some other TMS equivalents that serve the same purpose are Peptic Ulcer, Asthma, Eczema, Dizziness, and Frequent urination. There are many more listed and explained in the book. A wide variety indeed!

All these conditions should first be investigated, and treated, by your regular physician.

But if there is no diagnosis, or substantial improvements are not visible with medical treatment, you should strongly consider the role of TMS, and begin the mental exercise of unearthing your repressed emotions.

I cannot help repeating this...

The cure comes from knowing that the physical pain is the direct result of your subconscious mind power over your body!

After his pioneering work in his first book, "Healing Back Pain", Dr. Sarno has condensed his lifetime experience and published his theory in a new book titled "The Divided Mind". The first half of this book is the refined and updated contents of his first book, "Healing Back Pain"; and the second half has actual case studies by six great doctors of his time who practiced his principles of mind body medicine.

Take a peep inside "The Divided Mind" and read reviews


If this process helped to cure your pain, congratulations! But this is NOT the end of mind body soul integration. This process helps to bring to surface your suppressed unpleasant emotions from the subconscious to the conscious. As you will see later, the real solution is to totally erase these emotions from your conscious, and the subconscious.

Then there will be no return of any more pain in your life!

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