Pursuit of Happiness

"Don't Seek Happiness. If you seek it, you won't find it..."

- Eckhart Tolle

You are trapped in a life situation that is robbing your peace of mind. May be you are unhappy at work, or in family. May be you are anxious about your future. Or you are worried about your sagging body health. So you typed some search words in Google and now you are here! Thanks for coming by... Here you will find the right help that will deliver lasting solutions.

Or may be you want to experience 'True Being' and the 'One Life'. You have read about these concepts in many well known philosophical writings, such as Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”, but you are not quite convinced. Welcome to my world - You will find all the guidance and tools here to help you see the first ray of enlightenment! 

If you are seriously looking for true happiness, and if you are willing to put in some real effort, I believe I can help you. But I must warn you…there are no quick answers, anywhere in the world! You will not get it by browsing around here for a few minutes.

You need to take action. You will find all the knowledge you need to lead you on the golden path to perpetual happiness. And you will have me by your side, believing in you, and guiding you through this practice, making sure that you will reach your goal! And if you have questions on the way, feel free to email me and I will answer you.

If you stick around without giving up half way, you have the opportunity to change your life in six weeks!

Why six weeks? Because that is how long it usually takes to form new habits. To cultivate new ways of looking at things, and clear up your mental baggage that is killing you. Also to build a healthy body, necessary for nurturing a healthy mind, that will help you to focus on what is important in life.

How can I make this promise? Because of my own personal experiences, which are scattered throughout these pages. Also in the About Me page, you will find my background, as well as references to the works of many great thinkers and writers, who are my master minds. Their thoughts contain the gems of knowledge that ended my search for happiness!

Before we go further…

You may be facing a crisis needing immediate attention

If you are suffering from any type of physical pain, such as back, legs, shoulders, or sciatica pain, for which you have seen the doctor, gone through all the tests, and the results are negative. Meaning there was no diagnosis, and yet, you are living on anti inflammatory drugs!

If you are in this situation, we will deal with that first

In the section on mind and body, you will read about my personal experience in 1998 when I had an attack of acute sciatica pain. The pain was debilitating, and continued for over three months . When I finally found the answer, I was cured of the pain in just four hours!! Jump to Mind and Body right now. Come back here when you are cured and smiling again...

Let’s continue…

Even if you are done with healing your body pain for now, you still need the rest of the learning, because I am almost certain that you are still far from finding true happiness... Because it’s not all about body!

Mind Control

We will start with the mind, because that is where your thoughts originate, beliefs are formed, and your driving force comes from. As you gain control over your mind, you will also have to switch to some new disciplines in life that will lead to a beautiful body. A healthier body will further enhance the power of your mind.

The Perfect Body

Body dies – no problem, but it IS important when living !

You will find all the motivation, methods, and lifestyle to achieve a perfect body in the section on body. There I will share some personal stories with you, on how I have lived to the age of 70 (and still kicking!) in near perfect health. On things that surprised my doctors,  that they now ask their patients to follow. On what my bosses and friends think of me at work… Yes, I still work, and plan to continue for a long time!

From the knowledge of a simple lifestyle design you will move on to understand the most powerful force you can harness to ward off disease, that is beyond the physical body.

The First Glimpse of Bliss

Very soon you will begin to experience brief glimpses of happiness. You might even get it on the very first day! As you pursue with commitment, those brief glimpses will gradually expand to fill every day of your life! That IS true happiness, something that no amount of money or possessions can bring you.

You are in everything that you see.

The path to Self Realization made easy

Through this wonderfully transformational process, I will introduce you to the real YOU, which is not what you think you are! I will show you the process that I mastered from my personal pursuits, and which I follow every day. You will understand, and also experience, the universal energy that permeates everything manifest, of which soul is just another name, a label. You will come to know the real YOU.

Once you reach this point, you have overcome death! More on that later… You will experience a sense of joy like never before, every waking moment of life. That is Bliss, and you will discover it with me, right here! I am living that bliss everyday!!

There will be times of sorrow, or frustration in day to day life, but you will quickly become aware of it, and be able to switch your mind instantly to the present moment, and observe the oneness around you. Read my exciting real life experiences in the section on soul.

You merge your mind, body, and soul, to experience
the One Life

How long will it take to self realization? Could be much longer than six weeks...or you may get it in a few days, or in a split second! Like it happened to me!

This is an interactive website. If you are having any specific life issue not covered here, please email me your question from the Contact Me page; and I will add a page to this site addressing your specific issue, maintaining your privacy, of course.

Are you ready for a new life? Let's proceed to conquer the mind first. Click on Mind Control.

I wish you peace all the way in your life's journey.



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