A Special Mindful Meditation

My path to Enlightenment

In my way of mindful meditation, the mind transcends consciousness and makes itself disappear, at which point there is neither mind nor consciousness. But it allows my spirit, or soul, or true being, whatever you may want to call it, merge with the universe and its energy.

It has now become a continuation of my daily living room work out in the mornings, and lasts for about three to five minutes. You can continue for a longer period if you need to.  

My “object” of focus for this mindful meditation technique was inspired by Robin Sharma’s classic book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. In Chapter Seven he talks about a meditation practice centered on the “Heart of the Rose”.

As I have said before, this book is written like a fiction, with the story unfolding in the serene mountains of the Himalayas; but his delivery of ideas is extremely powerful, and can transform your life, as it did mine!

“All that you need to perform this exercise is a fresh rose and a silent place. Natural surroundings are best, but a quiet room will also do nicely. Start to stare at the center of the rose, its heart. Yogi Raman told me that a rose is very much like life…”

Yogi Raman is the fictitious sage living on the Himalayas. Observe the comparison between a rose and life.

“Notice its color, texture and design. Savor its fragrance and think only about this wonderful object in front of you. At first, other thoughts will start entering your mind, distracting you from the heart of the rose…But you need not worry, improvement will come quickly. Simply return your attention to the object of your focus…”

Actually in any form of meditation, the primary goal is pretty much the same – to transcend your thoughts! So also in my mindful meditation technique, you first transcend your thoughts; but you don’t stay with the feeling of nothingness, nor ravel in the calmness! You continue the journey into the state of enlightenment!

Here is what I incorporated in my mindful meditation

First, I did not have a rose. If I bought one, it would whither away quickly, and I would have to keep replacing it; and it was too expensive for me. Moreover, I wanted a living plant, with possibly some flowers…and of a color close to red, in order to mimic the rose, for a starter. So I settled on a Cyclamen plant!

I bought this plant from the grocery store and placed it on my window sill! Now running into the third year, my Cyclamen plant has survived two full years of seasonal changes. I just keep it constantly watered.

During my work out I mostly keep my eyes closed, opening them occasionally to take in a glimpse of the trees outside, which look like an extension of the Cyclamen plant. I also avoid any thoughts of the past or future, keeping my focus on the present – capabilities achieved from my mind control practice mentioned earlier.

As I am getting close to finishing the work out, I begin going deeply into the body (remember the exercise mentioned in the Eckhart Tolle page), and I am already experiencing a realization of consciousness. I am ready to travel beyond my body, and into the universe.

This is the point when my mindful meditation starts...

I slowly step forward to the Cyclamen plant, bend over it and look at the flowers with eyes half closed, gently stroking my palms around its leaves, at times softly caressing them, and then bending further until my face is grazing the flowers.

Now I feel the flow of life energy between the plant and me!

I start feeling that I AM the Cyclamen plant… leaves, flowers, plant holder and all…Then I gradually look outside, moving from tree to tree, and start “feeling” that I am part of it all...and beyond that the buildings in the distance, and the sky. I AM everything, and everywhere…get the idea?

Well, you might wonder how I connect with things non living, like buildings for example! This is where the time I spent learning science came to my help!!

All matter is composed of atoms. Even the air is made of elements that have an atomic structure. Every atom has basically a nucleus consisting of neutrons and protons, and many electrons circling around the nucleus, at tremendous speeds, generating bundles of energy!

Atoms are clustered into molecules that form matter. Every body of matter in the world is physically touching some other body of matter adjacent to it, forming an endless fabric of creation.

By visualizing the energy, and the connectedness, and therefore the continuity of matter in the universe, it became much easier for me to reckon my “self” as permeating the entire universe, and my energy as a fraction of the universal energy.

If you do this mindful meditation diligently, after some days you will be able to feel the real “you” and that “connectedness” with the universe, every waking moment…even with your eyes open! This is the realization of your true being, which is your soul, also known as spirit, or spiritual energy.

When you look at your husband, or your wife, or your colleague, friend, or even your enemy, you will “feel” that they are all simply YOU. As you look at the trees in the park, the old man walking the dog, the ducks gracefully skimming on the water, you will see YOUR OWN GOD ESSENCE in all of them.

And when you are able to see YOU in everything around you, and feel your oneness with the universe at all times, you are living in a state of permanent meditation, transcending mind, thought, and consciousness!

That is Enlightenment!

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